Growing More Corn in Africa

chelsea News

South West Ag partnered with Lambton College’s One Seed Project in 2013. Since then, South West Ag has made 8 trips to Zambia with the One Seed Project, with the goal of teaching the locals better farming practices to help their yield and quality. The program is seeing excellent results as the farmers that are implementing the recommendations from South West Ag and the One Seed team have seen great improvement in their crop.

As an update and evidence of the program’s success, below are pictures from a farmer named Chile, who attended a One Seed session 2 years ago. Chile has implemented virtually every recommendation made and he now has a very vibrant farm operation. Chile has so much maize (corn) this year he has tripled his yields and had to build two more maize cribs.


The sign above the team picture says “I may be poor, but I have knowledge”.