Grain Settlements

SWAg is able to direct-deposit grain settlements to your bank account.



Why Direct Deposit?

  • Faster – you don’t have to wait for a cheque to be issued and mailed
  • Reliable – you can be sure that your money is deposited into your account
  • Access – immediate access to the funds when they are deposited
  • Secure – there’s no risk that your payments will be lost
  • Paperless – it’s better for the environment


Products – Commodities

  • Corn
    SWAg contracts and buys Corn for re-sell and supply to food grade, ethanol and livestock feed manufacturing markets.
  • Soybeans
    SWAg contracts and buys soybeans for resell to industrial processor’s for soyoil and soy meal extraction. SWAg also contracts and sells food grade soybeans that are marketed by St. Clair Agri Services.
  • Wheat
    SWAg contracts and buys Soft Red Winter, Soft White Winter and Hard Red Winter wheat from producers and resells to domestic and export milling markets.


Grain Handling

  • SWAg offers grain handling at the following locations – Rutherford, Becher, Wallaceburg, Tupperville, Grande Pointe, and Maidstone.

Grain Storage

  • SWAg offers grain storage at the following locations – Rutherford, Becher,Wallaceburg, Tupperville, Grande Pointe, and Maidstone.

Grain Drying

  • SWAg offers grain drying at the following locations – Rutherford, Becher, Wallaceburg, Tupperville, and Maidstone.


  • SWAg offers direct from farm to end user marketing and logistics services from all SWAg locations. Contact us today.

Service Fees for 2017 Crop 

Subject to change without notice:


SWAg offers a number off different grain contracting and risk management programs. Access our selection of key marketing terms.