South West AG Partners and Palmerston Grain will not receive or handle any wheat treated with Manipulator

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    About South West Ag

    South West Ag Partners is a result of a merger between St. Clair Agri Services Ltd. and Kent County Fertilizers Ltd. Since 2001, South West Ag Partners has been working with Southwestern Ontario growers to provide the information and services they need to grow the highest quality products at maximum yields.

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    Grain Prices

    Timing is everything when it comes to marketing your crops for maximum profit. Get the latest grain marketing pricing and information here.

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    Veritas is a farm management system that offers all the services producers need to help their farm businesses grow. It is a complete set of specialized programs that provide key information on precision ag, grain marketing, field prescriptions, advanced technology and more.

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    BIN Cast

    BIN cast is a collaboration with to provide growers with fact based knowledge to manage grain quality for on farm stored grain. Weather Central uses grower defined Geo referenced bin locations and predictive weather modeling to determine the best times to turn on aeration systems for grain storage.

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